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Updated: Jun 10, 2020


What business do you have in mind that you would like to venture into despite the recent evolvement of technology facilitating almost every sector that holds or bind the world together? You should definitely know the big tech brands that are making huge waves in the world of today both in terms of goods and services they render to you their consumers and also do you know there are also companies, brands that are working on the path of becoming these big and successful tech brands?. These so-called tech companies are called “Startups” and they can be found in almost every business niche you can think of.

These so-called tech companies are called “Startups” and they can be found in almost every business niche you can think of.

TOP 5 Best Startup Companies to watch out for in 2020/2021

Here at Melcom, we put together a list of various startup companies that you should know about such as the kind of service they offer and the technological concept that acts as the foundation of these companies. Check out the following Startup companies below.


The aim and objective of this startup is to help people out there with the creation of software’s. Software has really brought hope to lot of small business, brands out there to life. This software is applicable to solving real-life problems. Airtable provides everyone with the capability of creating a software of his or her own.


We all know how amazing plant are right? This is what Bloomscape ventured into. They made buying of plants remarkably interesting and lively. They help you with selecting the right plant and developed a way of shipping fully grown plants from one location to another or let’s just say to your doorstep. Isn’t that Awesome!


Meditation, Mental wellness made Easy! Calm is a mental wellness app that you can find on both Google play store and App store with the app having over 36 million downloads to date. This is an app that brings joy and happiness in a remarkable form to those that make use of the app.

Capella Space:

All you need to know can be gotten from the data that Capella space provide for you. Capella Space is a data company that provides up-to date information’s that are reliable and worth spreading with your friends and colleagues. They deliver information that covers almost every sector around the globe. They are known as the grand Master of Information!

Air Garage:

This is a company established to help with re-organizing and operations of parking lots to enable businesses, churches rent their parking space. Their mission as a startup is to re-channel singled used spaces to multi-hubs to allow various vehicles of schools, businesses, churches make use of such space.


Majority of the money that have been invested in startup companies are mostly done by Accredited Investors who we all know today as Angel Investors. If you are thinking of investing in a startup company, there are certain criteria’s that you need to abide before most companies will allow you invest in them. For you to be an Angel Investor, your annual income must be more than $200,000 and for the next one or two years to come there must be increase in that annual income of yours. If these criteria are not met, then investing in a startup company won’t be possible at all.

Check out these Startup Companies you can Invest in 2020/2021:

1. Solidia

2. Shape Therapeutics


4. Afresh

5. Understory

6. Movandi

7. Petal

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