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Melcom Group

Digital Marketing and Business Development Services

Melcom Group Ltd.

is a digital marketing company in Calgary. We work across multiple industries, offering the latest and most successful digital marketing and business consulting services and techniques.

Our personal focus is on building a sustainable world. Many of the businesses we work with share a similar vision of an eco-friendly future, with companies that offer products and services for green energy, or companies that are committed to doing the least amount of harm possible to nature.

But we work across industries, in fields like real estate, home services, technology, medicine/healthcare, and so much more. We are also unique in that we tie our compensation directly to your success, because we know you're not just looking for a marketer - you're looking for a partner that is as dedicated as you are to thriving in today's increasingly digital world.

Below, you'll find a list of some of our services and a brief description of each. We encourage you to call us at

1 + (403) 454-5635 or fill out our online form to learn more.

Melcom Group

Our Online Marketing and Business Support Services

Media Strategy

We will develop a comprehensive media strategy to determine the best avenues to pursue for marketing your brand. We examine a range of digital media, and assess both historic practices and potential opportunity so that you can launch efficient, effective media campaigns and see the growth you've been waiting for.

Digital Marketing

With over 7 years of experience and frequent education, we are able to deploy some of the most exciting and effective digital marketing strategies and avenues to build your business and help you see success in your field. Everything we do is adjusted to your specific product, service, business size, and brand, guaranteeing you the best results.

Branding and Identity

Who are you? That's what customers want to know. They want to see how you stand out from alternatives, and they want to know they're supporting a business that knows itself.

We can help you establish your brand, promote out your identity and company culture, and guide you in ways to use that information.

Social Marketing

Social media has become an important and cost efficient way to reach out to a wider audience. Our team can create and manage entire social media campaigns across multiple local channels, helping you and giving your brand voice. We can also help you develop social media advertising campaigns, and manage those campaigns strategically to build your page reach.

UX/Interactive Design

Every company needs to have a digital presence, whether that's a website that is ready for viewing or an app that they can use to complement their products and services. We'll help make sure your business feels fresh, with UI/UX testing and implementation and ongoing technical support.

Content Writing

Content, especially content writing, is how you engage with your audience while also providing you with potentially long term SEO benefits. We have access to some of the finest content writers in the industry, delivering content in a timely manner that is ready to be placed prominently on your website and enhance your marketing campaigns.

Startup Help

We have partnered with many businesses in their early stages to help them achieve growth. We help them patent product ideas, engage with and find investors, establish business plans and proposals, and more. We can also perform feasibility studies, and work with you on networking support. Whatever you need, we'll help you achieve it.

For Investors

With access to products and services that are just getting off the ground floor, including eco-friendly products that are growing in popularity, Melcom Group is a great partner for those that are seeking out new potential investments before they've reached the market. We are often the first contact of many startups, giving you first access and a better ROI.

Local SEO

For many companies, your goal is to compete locally. Our local SEO and online marketing services help you get there. Through content, inbound links, reviews, and more, our team is able to manage your local SEO thoroughly, monitor analytics, and make sure that your business and your website is thriving.

Trusted by businesses and individuals both local here in Calgary and throughout Canada, Melcom Group is the company of choice for your business development needs. Give us a call today to learn more.

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