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Melcom Group

Digital Marketing and Business Development Services

Melcom Group Ltd.

is a digital marketing company in Calgary. We work across multiple industries, offering the latest and most successful digital marketing and business consulting services and techniques.

Our personal focus is on building a sustainable world. Many of the businesses we work with share a similar vision of an eco-friendly future, with companies that offer products and services for green energy, or companies that are committed to doing the least amount of harm possible to nature.

But we work across industries, in fields like real estate, home services, technology, medicine/healthcare, and so much more. We are also unique in that we tie our compensation directly to your success, because we know you're not just looking for a marketer - you're looking for a partner that is as dedicated as you are to thriving in today's increasingly digital world.

Below, you'll find a list of some of our services and a brief description of each. We encourage you to call us at

1 + (403) 454-5635 or fill out our online form to learn more.

Melcom Group

Our Online Marketing and Business Support Services

Media Strategy

Digital Marketing


UX/ Interactive Design

Web Developement

Data Processing Services

Content Writing

Web Hosting

Local SEO

Video & Audio Streaming Services

Cloud Hosting

Application Hosting

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