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Melcom Group

Who we are


Melcom Group Ltd.

was founded in 2014 with the idea that marketing and growth starts with the right relationships. Whether it's digital marketing, business planning, consulting, or media strategy, Melcom Group's mission is to build your business through a range of services, each one designed to guide you towards success.

But what makes Melcom Group different is that we are as invested in your company as you are. We provide results-oriented service, whose profit are based on YOUR success. We aren't interested in charging exorbitant rates or fees.


Our Calgary business consultants create plans to help you succeed and are only compensated based on that success.

Why us? Because we offer:

  • Experienced digital marketing with proven success across a range of industries.

  • Help for startups with feasibility studies, business proposals, investor outreach, and more.

  • Results oriented services, with few to no fees. We succeed when you succeed.

  • Reputation management, local SEO, and brand identity services depending on needs.

  • Friendly and supportive service with a "small business" feel.

  • Rental/leasing of computer time

We offer digital marketing to tech startups, doctors and hospitals, construction companies, restoration companies, basement developers, other trade companies like roofers, drywall, electrical and mechanical, and so much more.

Melcom Group

Business Strategy and Digital Marketing in Calgary, AB

Since 2014, hundreds of businesses have turned to Melcom Group to assist them with growing and expanding their business. We first began in the real estate industry, working directly with developers to help them find potential buyers and get the most value for their properties.

After a while, we started networking with other businesses and connections. We started getting contacted by existing companies that were struggling, startups that needed guidance, and even those that had nothing more than an idea. We began to develop our services further, offering not only marketing, but also:

  • Business development and consulting.

  • New product patent and production planning (including finding investors).

  • Branding and identity development, and more.

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive support, we have expanded our capabilities to include specialized services. This encompasses providing complete processing and preparation of reports from data supplied by the customer. Additionally, we offer specialized services such as automated data entry and access to cutting-edge data processing resources available to our clients.

We understand the dynamic nature of the business landscape and acknowledge the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest developments in digital marketing and online brand development techniques. As the leading digital marketing service in Calgary, we deploy every available avenue to guide you towards success. We encourage you to contact us, regardless of your company's stage, for marketing and other consulting services tailored to your unique needs.

Our Values and Mission

Melcom Group Ltd. Believes that everyone deserves a partner in their success, and is passionate about providing that through world-class digital marketing that yields tangible results. We also believe that our success should be based on your success, and we provide solutions that help businesses improve their bottom line using our seasoned marketing professionals, project managers, experienced content writers, and other talented staff.

Jumpstart Your Company with Melcom Group

Your business deserves to thrive. You deserve a marketing agency that can help you get to where you need to be - not just someone to offer a service, but someone invested in your success.

Melcom Group in Calgary is that company, and we encourage you to contact us today at 1 + (403) 454-5635 to learn more about our services or get started with our team.

About Deimira Baidoo - Founder of Melcom Group

Melcom Group was founded by Deimira Paa Baidoo, a marketing expert and entrepreneur located in Alberta. One of the biggest challenges associated with small businesses and starting up new businesses is marketing, so Deimira created Melcom Group, to use his insights and experience to help small businesses of all industries get themselves seen.

You can follow Deimira Paa Baidoo, contact him directly, or learn more about his history by visiting the following:

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•    Medium


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